About Us

Ninja Web Host was known under the name G-Serve around the year 2000
Back then it was more as an experiment in the early .com boom
In 2019 we decided on a better name, Ninja Web Host, we registered our domain names and chose nwh.nz as our primary domain
Since then we have partnered with other companies and groups
Our latest is with Buy Direct Limited for hardware purchases, and help with making the business more profitable

We use what we have coined “decentralised management”
This means that each person in our teams has a vote on things that affect Ninja Web Host
From pricing changes, to new services, and even dealing with difficult situations
We support our teams and back them in their desicions
When disputes or changes come up for voting, everyone in every team gets a vote

Funding and Profits
Ever since we started, we have been about making a difference
We all work for other companies, this is a labour of love
As a few of our friends wanted a server room for their own purposes, we chose to join forces and create a system that would be utilised by other people at very little cost
We now timeshare our web developers so there is a reduced cost to work on websites
Every year aside from maintanence, we reinvest any left over money in to upgrades
What we spend is made available to our teams to help them better understand where the funds go

What about the server rooms?
Our server rooms are located in secure areas, with enviromental/power/internet protection
They are located in private property where the owners are able to allow us full 24/7 secure access
We are in the process of converting to renewable electricity that we make on site only using the grid for backup when we can’t get enough renewable energy in
The internet connections are all fiber based

Our server rooms are secured with sensors, alarms, cameras, and at times we have employed security guards
Our physical security and monitoring is provided by Buy Direct Limited
Data is backed up across each server room
Our high security data is stored in multiple undisclosed locations with airgapped storage