Our Timeline

This is an estimation of our timeline, missing information will be added as we go through our documentation
Thank you to all our past, current, and future customers

Pre 2000
First website hosted
G-Serve was created

Originally called G-Serve
We installed our first web server
It was a Pentium 75 with 8MB of RAM
Running Windows 95 and Microsoft IIS

2000 - 2003
Upgraded hosting
New Web Server, Static IP

We activated our new webserver somewhere between 2000 and 2003
With ADSL and a static IP we were able to host multiple websites
This was an Athlon XP with 384MB of RAM running Debian with Apache
We still use Debian and Apache

Other servers hosted
Mumble and other servers hosted

We started hosting more services
Our big addition was the addition of a voip/chat service called Mumble
The server side program is called Murmur
We can still host Mumble servers
We also hosted our first Freeradius server for our WISP

Moved our servers
We moved our servers to a new location

Due to the business we used moving to a new location
We were forced to move our servers
They were offline while we found somewhere to host them

Server upgrades
Server upgrades

Raised the storage up to 1TB


During 2013 we moved the servers to Northland and signed up for the Telstra Clear/Northpower Fiber trial
It was 100Mbps down and 50Mbps up
We also had a static IP

Name change
Name change

In 2019 we decided to change the name
We chose Ninja Web Host and never looked back

Announced moving the servers
Another move

In 2022 we were forced to move the servers again
We designed and purchased a new web server
Moved it in to the new location
And started migrating the websites over


Our new server is fully operational
We spent the first half of 2023 migrating people to the new server
With fully working reverse DNS for emails
Agreements in place for our upstream ISP and better email compliance

Achievement unlocked
Achievement unlocked

During 2023 after moving everyone to the new server
We reached a new milestone
Our new server transferred over 100TB of data in one year
No backup or migration traffic was counted in this total

New billing system
New billing system

We were forced to drop Xero as our accounting package
Their emails were not getting through to customers
They provided no support and stated that email compliance is too hard
So we built our own which is internationally compliant
We are spending 2024 making sure all existing customers migrate
Invoices now require an account login, afterwhich they can be sent out via E-Mail, Discord, or many other methods automatically