WP_Mail_SMTP Plugin

Quickstart Guide

  1. Sign in to your dashboard https://yourdomain.tld/wp-admin
  2. Go to WP Mail SMTP on the left
  3. Enter a valid email address (at yourdomain.tld) into From Email and SMTP  Username
  4. Enter a name into From Name
  5. Set SMTP Host to tsr.txtatek.co.nz
  6.  Set Encryption to TLS
  7. SMTP Port 587
  8. Authentication ON
  9. SMTP Password should be set in your WP-Config, for testing purposes you can set it in the SMTP Password feild
  10. Save Settings
  11. Go to the Email Test tab and run an email test


  • Setup a noreply@yourdomain.tld if you do not wish to allow people to reply to your emails, and set it’s quota to something small so it won’t store emails
  • It is a good idea to use Force From Email (see Option 1)

Common Issues

  • Your email address is not setup to receive mail (the SMTP server does a lookup to check your mailbox exists and is enabled before it allows you to send mail)

Other Information

  • Replace yourdomain.tld with your domain name